September 29, 2011

All New, All Different

I've been encouraged by a few fans(?) to start featuring some of the other kinds of paintings and drawings I make, though they might not appear to have much to do with my more familiar work.
To get started, here are a few little things I did today:

I used to do these tiny watercolour grids all the time, and just started back in on them recently. They grew out of the prep work I did for workshops I used to teach, in colour mixing for artists.
I realized they were more fun for me than any of the 'meaningful' paintings I was attempting at the time.
Their repetitive nature and small size are very relaxing for me. Also, pretty colours.

 Even though drawing really is my first love, I've been neglecting it for some time. I've started drawing random household objects every day in order to scrape the rust from my drawing muscles.

This is a lantern Josh found when we were clearing out David's apartment after he passed away last year.

This is a tea pot I found at Value Village, with a very complex shape. This is not a good drawing. BUT! If you stay tuned, you'll see me get better! Or not...

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    Keep up the good work!!!