July 21, 2011

Galleries are coming, galleries are coming

Thanks for being patient. I have the two gallery links up to the left, with more to come. Post-TOAE means a lot of admin catching up, and I have some new work to post, as well as some stuff to write here. In addition, I will be trying out a new way of contacting those of you on my email list, HTML snazzy emails!
Don't worry Mom, it's easy. 
What this means is that I will no longer have to attach images to an email (and you won't have to download them just to view them), I'll be able to send out beautifully-formatted HTML emails that anybody, theoretically, can view inside their email programs, or click on the link to view through a browser. I will also paste text details into the emails so that dates and times can be easily copied into calendars, etc. Or at least, I will try.
For those of you who signed up for my email list a couple of weeks ago at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, welcome.

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